Humble Beginnings (or How I Strolled into the World of Film)

Hello everyone, Film-momatic here!

As you may have guessed, this is my first post, and I am so happy to finally start my own blog of film reviews. For as long as I remember, I’ve always loved film. From my first memories (vivid, anyway) of watching films when I was 9 years old to exploring fantastic directorial work from Spielberg, Miyazaki and discovering foreign films from Hong Kong (Stephen Chow fanatic), Japan (my first live-action film I watched was Hana and Alice), Korea and others.

The first film I watched and became enraptured was “The Princess Bride”. I remember watching it on the school bus one the way home from an excursion. I was one of those kids that would complain about girls, as kids would do, and I immediately thought that the film was a girly film, just due to the title.

Boy, was I was wrong.

Like a lot of viewers, especially children, we were the very the audience surrogate of Fred Savage’s character in the film. Pessimistic, quick-to-judge, plain cynical. But when we opened our minds, we were rewarded with riches upon riches. I was fist pumping when I saw the first sword fight between Westley and Montoya. I was laughing my head off whenever Fezzik started to rhyme. I thought Buttercup was incredibly beautiful (and she still is) and I thought the climax was perfect, although my friends thought otherwise. Why fight people when you don’t have to? A razor sharp wit should more than suffice.

Encompassing all genres and succeeding them with aplomb, The Princess Bride will remain one of my favorite films and the film that got me into the world. Another film that got to me was “The Karate Kid”. A true underdog story that got me wanting to imitate LaRusso with his Crane Kicks at people, and injuring myself a lot in the process. It taught me that life really is all about balance and that we should all stand up for ourselves against adversity.

Practicing the Crane Kick on Miyagi’s chin. Boss.

As for my reviews coming up, they will be just random ones that I’ve seen, with some cinema releases and a whole pack of Japanese film reviews coming soon, due to personal acquaintances. My first review will be released on Monday and I hope the film is good enough for a good start. I will also have other plans like special articles about film in general and other fun stuff.

Gotta jet,

Harris Dang (aka Film-momatic)


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