Capsule Review – Varda by Agnes (Sydney Film Fest 2019)


I have only seen two films by the acclaimed director, Agnes Varda, but if this swan song of a film of hers is anything to come by, I really need to rush to see the rest of her filmmography. The film itself may be just a long lecture/TED talk, but Varda by Agnes is a sweet, affectionate and illuminating documentary that provides a nice overview of her work.

Featuring many tidbits and BTS stories about her films and her artistic endeavours as well as her personal praises and criticisms of the effects her work had at the time of their release as well as contemporary times. Her praise for actress Jane Birkin is a hightlight as well as her anecdote, recounting what it was like to briefly work with actor Robert De Niro. What makes me appreciate Varda as a filmmaker is her way of adapting the facts of life but adding her personal viewpoint, that consists of whimsy and fantasy.

The film also brings up an interesting point about Varda’s love of recycling and how she can turn art into something new. If her legacy is anything to come by, our future generation may have a treasure trove to play around with.


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